Sound Masking

Workplace Sound Masking Installations in Warrenton, VA, and Washington, D.C.

Background noise is a significant distraction for teams working in an open office environment. Even small, imperceivable sounds can cause micro-distractions for your staff, breaking their concentration. The installation of sound masking equipment like white and pink noise generators can help to “smooth out” background noises like chatter or keyboard clicking and reduce distractions. Surprisingly, sound masking solutions also help in spaces that are too quiet by providing a “blanket” audio layer that helps to dampen sudden noises like the dropping of pens or the movement of a chair.

Sound masking also helps to protect your sensitive conversations. In open-concept office layouts, private conversations can easily travel across long distances. Sound masking prevents voices from reaching the places they should not.

An Easy Solution for Delivering Privacy and Comfort

XS Telecom makes sound masking easier than ever. Using “set it and forget it” technology that…

  • Keeps sensitive voice conversations private
  • Reduces conversational distractions and stress
  • Aids concentration and productivity
  • Helps meet regulatory compliance objectives

Our one-stop project management team will implement a sound masking solution that meets the needs of all your sensitive locations – locally and across the globe…

  • Centralized
  • Networked
  • Distributed
  • White and pink noise

Environments that can Benefit from Sound Masking

Sound masking is beneficial in many office spaces and industries. Open spaces with large amounts of talking see notable improvements in productivity and employee happiness.

  • Call Centers
  • Healthcare – exam rooms, patient rooms and treatment areas
  • Financial facilities – banks and mortgage companies
  • Legal offices
  • Government buildings
  • Corporate offices

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