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Work with the leading data center cable management provider in DC, MD, and VA. 

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Are you building a new data center or expanding an existing one? If so, work with the data center cable management experts at XS Telecom to guide your project from initial planning to completion. 

Businesses and public organizations in DC, MD, and VA trust XS Telecom to help them with data center design, architecture, and cabling installation. We’ve helped thousands of companies worldwide assess their data cabling, plan data center rollouts, and execute installations on time and budget.

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Initial Data Center Site Assessments

Network Cabinet InstallationThe first step in providing a world-class data center installation or redesign is an initial site IT assessment. During this phase, we seek to uncover critical information that informs all other phases of the project.

First, we consult with your internal IT infrastructure team to understand the business goals and constraints of your project. Next, we then conduct a complete assessment of any systems currently in place, including power, security, and cooling systems. We are looking for areas of risk and opportunities that can help reduce the project’s time-to-build and overall cost.

Certified Network Cabling and Design Specialists

After the initial IT assessment, our team members—with a BICSI network cabling certification—will draft a network cabling solution that will meet your organization’s data center cable management goals. 

BICSI certification ensures that IT network cabling providers adhere to industry best practices and standards, guaranteeing high-quality installations and reliable network performance. With BICSI-certified professionals, your network infrastructure will be installed correctly, minimizing downtime, maximizing efficiency, and protecting your investment in technology.

Whether you’re setting up a new office, upgrading your infrastructure, or troubleshooting connectivity issues, we work in partnership with your internal teams to deliver reliable, efficient, and scalable solutions. The result is a custom end-to-end solution ready for buildout that perfectly fits your needs.

Your Data Center Build Out PartnerData Center Cage Installation

Data center cable management doesn’t have to be a nightmare to build out. After plans are finalized, our team will work with your Facilities, Security, and IT teams to schedule the buildout of your data center’s network cabling. 

This way, your IT cabling can accommodate rapid growth and changing technology, maximize available space while maintaining accessibility for maintenance and upgrades. Our dense cabling solutions support high-speed connections while minimizing signal interference and cable congestion.

We also make sure your data center meets stringent performance standards to ensure reliable connectivity and minimal latency. For instance, proper airflow is critical for cooling equipment in data centers, requiring careful placement and management of cables to maintain optimal airflow and prevent overheating.

We will oversee the project management, grid/cable tray installation, electrical, low-voltage cable, installation of MDF/IDFs, and hot or cold aisle containment during this phase. Our skilled team is dedicated to not only completing your project on time but with 100% reliability after we have completed our work.

Data Center Cable Management Design For Any Application

Fiber Tray & Ladder rack Installation

When you partner with XS Telecom, you are working with an expert team
of network cabling professionals. Our team is versed in all aspects of data center network cabling, from Cat 5, Cat 6, fiber optics, power, security planning, backbone cabling, and MDF/IDF installation. 

Partnering with us means working with the best and the brightest data center contractors in the business. We are ready to meet any challenge and exceed every expectation.

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If you’re looking for data center cable management expertise in DC, MD, or VA, reach out to XS Telecom. Our team of specialists have the skills and know-how to complete any data center cable management challenges. Our experience working with over a thousand clients worldwide allows us to stay at the forefront of network communication technology continually. We are dedicated to our growth and partnering with our clients in theirs as well.

We Specialize in the Installation of the Following Services in Data Centers:

Network Cabinet Installation

  • Installation of cage mesh/walls/doors
  • Installation of network cabinets/racks
  • Installation of both copper & Fiber-optic cabling
  • Installation of fiber support infrastructure/trays
  • Installation of copper support infrastructure/ladder rack
  • Installation of security system within cage/pod (to include hand scan devices, cameras, door access, etc.)
  • Installation of both cold & hot air containment solutions
  • Troubleshooting of copper & Fiber-optic cabling
  • Cable mining (removing/demo of existing, dead cables within cable trays)

Your network is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Keeping your people and your clients connected has never been more important—or more complex.

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