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Move your IT infrastructure to a new address with our office relocation services 

The decision to move or expand your organization’s footprint is massive. Breaking down, transporting, and reassembling your IT networking systems can be a nightmare if you take it on internally without the right expertise. Your employees rely on these tools and technology. With our office relocation services, your IT network will be ready the first day they walk through the door.

XS Telecom is Washington D.C.’s leading expert in large-scale IT infrastructure relocation. We work with organizations to fully understand their goals and identify the technology they need to continue to grow into the future. When you partner with us, we will see your project through from initial planning to opening day. Our experience allows companies to reliably and confidently take the next step in growing their business.

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Avoid these office relocation IT challenges and pitfalls

When moving, you need to plan to ensure your communication systems and networks are in place and ready to go. Otherwise, you could be facing some of these challenges:

Downtime and Disruptions

Moving IT networks to a new office often involves downtime and disruptions to services as equipment is disconnected, transported, reinstalled, and reconfigured. Minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition without impacting business operations is a major challenge.

Infrastructure Compatibility Issues

Are you sure the new office location’s electrical wiring, network cabling, internet connectivity, and server room facilities are compatible with IT network requirements? Upgrading or adapting infrastructure to meet IT needs may require time, resources, and coordination with external service providers.

Data Security and Integrity

Don’t lose data during your office relocation. Data security and integrity during physical transport, equipment setup, and network reconfiguration poses challenges in terms of risk management, compliance, and maintaining business continuity.

Take the hassle out of your move with our office relocation IT services

XS Telecom ensures your technology gets the attention it deserves. Our expert technicians begin planning and preparing for your transition months in advance. We work directly with your facilities and security teams to fully understand the project’s scope and work that needs to be accomplished to have your employees productive on day one.

We’ll assess the new location and help you decide what type of infrastructure and communications solution you will need. In many cases, changes to infrastructure have to be addressed during a move, and we will be there with you, every step of the way.

We’ll work with you months in advance to head off issues that could cause problems. Avoid disruptions by partnering with XS Telecom. We’ll team up with your architect, facilities people and other service providers to ensure a seamless transition.

If You Need the Job Done Right, You Need Us on Your Side

Whether you’re managing a new building, a renovation, or a campus addition, XS Telecom has the knowledge, expertise, and relationships in place to make sure you have everything you need when the doors open.

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