IT Assessments and Project Planning

Find the right technology solution with our IT assessment services

Your technology should support your existing business operations, but it should also factor in future growth and development. That’s why our certified engineers and IT consultants get to know your business goals and objectives first. Our IT assessment services are thorough and map out detailed, step-by-step recommendations that meet all your design, time and budgetary requirements.

Initial IT Assessment and Site Surveys

This service involves conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s IT requirements and performing on-site surveys to assess existing infrastructure, identify gaps, and determine the scope of IT needs for future planning and implementation.

Planning Interviews

During planning interviews, IT experts engage with key stakeholders and department heads to gather insights, understand business objectives, and align IT strategies with organizational goals. These interviews help in formulating tailored IT solutions that meet your specific business needs and priorities.

System & Site Evaluations

System and site evaluations entail a thorough analysis of existing IT systems, networks, and infrastructure components. This includes assessing hardware, software, connectivity, security protocols, and performance metrics to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Product & Services Recommendations

Based on the assessment findings, our certified IT professionals provide recommendations for suitable products, technologies, and services that align with your organization’s goals. This includes suggesting hardware upgrades, software solutions, cloud services, cybersecurity measures, and IT support options tailored to your needs.

System Design, CAD & Documentation

IT assessment services include designing customized technology solutions, creating detailed system designs, using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools to visualize infrastructure layouts, and documenting technical specifications, configurations, and workflows for future reference and implementation.

Coordination with your facilities team and service providers

IT assessment teams collaborate with your facilities management team and external service providers to ensure seamless integration of IT infrastructure with physical facilities, such as data centers, office spaces, and networking environments. This coordination facilitates efficient deployment, maintenance, and support of IT systems across your organization.

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Examples of IT Projects We Support

Our certified engineers and IT professionals consider every aspect of your technology requirements to develop your customized plans. Here are some examples of the kinds of projects our IT assessment and planning services support:

Local & Global Multi-site Rollouts

This project would involve deploying IT solutions, systems, or software across multiple locations, whether locally within a region or globally across different countries. It includes coordinating logistics, managing timelines, and ensuring consistent implementation and integration across all sites.

Network Cabling & Wireless Network Infrastructure

This type of project focuses on designing, installing, and optimizing network cabling and wireless infrastructure to support data transmission, connectivity, and communication within an organization. It includes assessing network requirements, planning infrastructure layouts, deploying cabling solutions, and configuring wireless access points for reliable and secure connectivity.

New Phone Systems & Communication Improvements

This project entails upgrading or implementing new phone systems and communication technologies to enhance internal and external communication within an organization. It includes deploying Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, Unified Communications (UC) platforms, and collaboration tools to improve efficiency, productivity, and connectivity for employees and clients.

Technical to Business Level Assessments & Consultations

This kind of project involves conducting comprehensive assessments and consultations that bridge technical IT aspects with strategic business objectives. It includes evaluating IT systems, processes, and capabilities, aligning IT strategies with business goals, and providing recommendations and guidance for leveraging technology to drive business growth, innovation, and efficiency.

End-to-End, Single Source Deployments

Whether you require a solution for your small office or an entire, multi-site enterprise, we have the technical experience and knowledge to plan and manage your project from start to finish.

Dedicated Project Management & Support

During implementation, you’ll appreciate the dedicated XS team that provides status updates and support. Once your job is complete, XS technicians are always on call to support you 24×7.

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