Meeting Room Scheduling

Meeting Room Scheduling and Reservation Systems

Struggling with scheduling and booking of conference rooms and shared spaces? You’re not alone. Difficulty displaying meeting room scheduling and availability is a common problem for organizations of all sizes. 

Don’t make employees suffer through double-booked meetings and clunky technology. Instead, create an intuitive system for employees to see what rooms are open and easily book them.

XS Telecom has been helping organizations in Washington D.C. and worldwide install meeting room booking systems. Our meeting room scheduling solutions integrate with your current technology to give your employees access to powerful scheduling tools and better visibility into meeting room availability.

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End Room Booking System Confusion 

When employees don’t have a meeting room scheduling system, it can cause confusion, headaches, and lost productivity. Here are some of the common challenges our clients face before installing a room booking and reservation system:

  • Double Booking: One of the most frequent issues is double-booking a meeting room space, where multiple people schedule the same meeting room for the same time slot. This can lead to conflicts, disruptions, and frustration among employees.
  • Inaccurate Availability Information: Room booking systems may sometimes display inaccurate or outdated availability information, leading to confusion and inefficiencies as users rely on incorrect data when planning meetings and bookings.
  • Complex User Interfaces: Some meeting room scheduling systems have complex user interfaces, making it challenging for employees to navigate and use the system effectively. This can result in errors, delays, and difficulty in managing bookings efficiently.

XS Telecom makes booking a meeting room easy. 

Now you can eliminate confusion and misunderstandings that waste time and money. With a wall-mounted touch screen located right outside your conference rooms, you can check the room’s status, book it, or extend a meeting by merely touching the screen icons. The system integrates with your current technology, allowing for plug-and-play installation.

Hassle-Free Booking System

  • Easy to install and use
  • Clarifies the booking status right outside the meeting room
  • Green for free – Red for occupied
  • No meeting room goes unused due to a forgotten cancellation
  • Important meetings are no longer interrupted by people knocking on doors to see if the room is free
  • Book via Outlook or Google Calendar, via the cloud, by using your Smartphone or directly on the screen outside of the meeting room

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