Meeting Room Scheduling

End the Confusion…

XS Telecom makes booking a meeting room easy. Now you can eliminate confusion and misunderstandings that waste time and money. With a wall mounted touch screen located right outside your conference rooms, you can check the status of the room, book it, or extend a meeting simply by touching the screen icons.

Hassle-Free Booking System

  • Easy to install and use
  • Clarifies the booking status right outside the meeting room
  • Green for free – Red for occupied
  • No meeting room goes unused due to a forgotten cancellation
  • Important meetings are no longer interrupted by people knocking on doors to see if the room is free
  • Book via Outlook or Google Calendar, via the cloud, by using your Smartphone or directly on the screen outside of the meeting room

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XS makes booking easy for all your conference rooms – locally and across the globe.

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