Low Voltage Contractors

Professional Installations for Any Application

A growing number of organizations are turning to low voltage systems for energy savings, safe and easy installation, and suitability for indoor and outdoor applications such as Fire Alarms, Access Control Systems, Lighting and Temperature Control Systems, and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). As your single-source low voltage contractor, XS specializes in planning, design, installation, certification and maintenance of low voltage wiring to support your specific applications.

Government, Non-profits, Business…

XS designs, installs, tests, and supports low voltage wiring you can count on to support systems and applications in any environment, including manufacturing facilities, processing operations, warehouses, data centers, and office buildings.

Expert installations…

We’ll wire your entire location… Need help with a historical renovation, expansion, or new construction? We’re experienced in every environment.

BICSI-certified XS Professionals implement and manage every aspect of your low voltage infrastructure…

  • Site Surveys & Infrastructure Design
  • Architectural, power & security planning
  • Single Site or multi-site rollouts
  • Indoor / Outdoor installation
  • Conduit systems, cable trays, racks, patch panels
  • Inventory & management systems
  • CAD and documentation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • XS low voltage wiring systems come with a Lifetime Warranty

As businesses increasingly rely on low voltage systems to support a variety of applications, a sound low voltage wiring infrastructure that can grow with you becomes one of your company’s most valuable assets.

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